Unique holiday gift ideas –

Unique holiday gift ideas -

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Muscleman of Technology shared some some great gift ideas for that special person on your holiday list without breaking the bank

Swissdigital Cosmo 3.0 Massaging Backpack
www.Amazon.com $159

The Swissdigital Massaging backpack was created for the new “Commuter Urban Traveler”. While you are at your favorite coffee shop, meet up place, park, beach, lake, mountain trail or other OUTDOOR places, relax your back for a moment with a massage and quiet the mind in meditation. Take your laptop, tablet, cellphones, books, water bottle, hand sanitizer, mask and other essentials in your backpack. The built-in USB Patented power port allows you “ON THE GO” power connection to power up your internal massagers and vital accessories (Power Battery Pack sold separately).
Body materials are made out of water resistance coating to keep your valuable items inside dry. RFID Protection pocket to keep your credit card and passport personal data safe. Patented smart USB charging system, RFID protection, and fits laptops up to 16″

Bose Tempo Sunglasses – Premium Audio Frames
www.Bose.com $249

Amazing—now you can listen to your favorite music while working-out, and take phone call as well! The Bose Tempo deliver the best performance in the “Frames” line up and are engineered specifically for outdoor workouts — like biking, running, and climbing.
Bose proprietary Open Ear Audio technology and the tiniest, thinnest, most invisible Bose speakers ever (discreetly embedded in each arm). Nothing goes in your ears, so you hear what’s going on around you. Polarized lenses, block up to 99% of UV rays and you can even order personalized Rx lens from Lensabl.com—see write-up below for 25% off!
Bose Tempo Frames wirelessly connect to your phone to stream music, take and make calls, and use your personal assistant — privately! Made from TR90, they’re durable, lightweight, and flexible to withstand extreme temperatures and extreme training. They use custom-designed spring hinges and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) temple tips for comfortable stability around the head. And their nose pads come in three shapes for the right amount of grip to avoid slipping down the face. Up to 8 hours of battery life through an included standard USB-C charging cable.

Lensabl.com – “Your One-Stop-Shop” for all Things Optical
www.lensabl.com Use Promo Code “GMSD” for 25% Off Orders (expires 12/31/20)

Lensabl.com is your one-stop-shop for all things optical, without leaving home!
Known for being the easiest way to order replacement lenses for existing frames—customers can go online to Lensabl.com and order the exact type of lenses they need. Any prescription for practically any frame, with your choice of lens type including clear, sunglass, blue-light blocking, Transitions and more. Need contact lenses? We’ve got those too, plus you can subscribe and save and never worry about running out!
You can also order stylish and affordable frames with prescription lenses from Lensabl’s house brand…or from partner brands like Bose, Hobie, and HyperX.
Lensabl.com even offers an online vision test so you can renew your vision prescription!

Otterbox Huge 64-Ounce 100% Stainless Steel Growler
www.Otterbox.com $69.99

This gorgeous “Extra-Large” Otterbox Growler packs along enough water for your whole day…or enough brew to share with others. It’s called the Elevation 64 Growler and is a 100% stainless steel 64-ounce tumbler that carries the precious fluid that you need!
Screw-on, leak-proof lid — not a drop is lost. From steaming hot coffee to refreshing cool water to ice-cold nightcap, this growler keeps your cold drinks cold, and your hot drinks hot. Made from “Food Grade” stainless steel. Backed by OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty.

DK Books— “Wonder-Filled Gifts for Everyone”
www.dk.com/us (price depends on book)

Check out the brand-new release of the “The Peanuts Book”, a perfect gift for anyone!
In this celebration of Schulz and his beloved work, explore rarely seen sketches, influential comic strips, and collectors’ artifacts. Pore over evolving artworks of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the gang from 1950 to the present day. How about learning with the just released Oct. 2020 updated Smithsonian Visual Encyclopedia: A family reference guide that covers the fields of science, nature, space, history, the arts, technology, leisure, and more. This landmark piece of reference publishing offers a reliable, visually stunning, and family-friendly alternative to online information sources.

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