Jay’s Take | I might bend, but I’ll never break | Columns

Jay's Take | I might bend, but I'll never break | Columns

Being one of the only people in my family to attend college, I’ve always felt like it was up to me to break the cycle and actually finish what I started.

Well, I still haven’t finished.

Some may say that I’m a failure or I dropped the ball, but that’s not the case at all. I’m in the process of finishing my degree as we speak, and to be honest, I’m actually happy with how things played out in my life.

Life hit me hard and I dropped out of college at the start of my junior year. I was dealing with a lot of personal issues that really took me out of my element for quite some time. There was absolutely no way I could focus on school without getting the proper help, and at the time, I refused to receive it due to my own selfish reasons.

At the time, I felt like Purdue had done me wrong by pretty much kicking me out of school without taking into consideration the type of trauma I had just encountered with finding out about my career-ending heart condition. I was young, away from my family, depressed and heartbroken. I had no idea how to cope with all of that.

Now that I’m out of that stage and my head’s back screwed on tight, I’m ready to finish what I’ve started. Going through that tough a of a struggle for so long can only make you or break you. As close as I was to hitting my breaking point numerous times, I never broke. My family raised me to believe that I was built different; I may some times bend, but I will never fold.

This is what motivates me to strive every day to be the best I can be. When I finally finish college and get that degree, I’m almost positive it’ll be one of my most prized possessions just because of the journey it took to get it. Some people don’t know the half of it, but if you know, you know.

Jay Simpson writes for The News-

Gazette. His column appears Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. He can be reached at jsimpson@news-gazette.com.

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