HK adopts new technology in education

HK adopts new technology in education

In the face of the potential fourth wave of a pandemic outbreak, the Hong Kong government has announced the closure of kindergartens and junior primary schools, following the mandatory closure of all campuses earlier this year.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, local schools have seen a surge in the adoption of technology. Zoom, Microsoft Teams or game-based learning platform Kahoot have become an essential component of many students’ school life.

“The pandemic has promoted the positive development of education technology and teachers know how to effectively use technologies to improve teaching methods after months of using edtech tools,” Victor Cheng Pat-leung, an executive director of Hong Kong Education City, a company wholly owned by the government, said in a recent interview.

Speaking at a forum, as part of the media briefing of the Learning and Teaching Expo 2020, he added that the industry should work closely with the education sector and understand their most pressing needs amidst the accelerated technology demand.

But educator Jason Pang Ka-wai, STEM coordinator at Notre Dame College, said that one major challenge he faces is that the existing platforms are not fully compatible, and that hinders open data and other cross-platform initiatives. He added that a web-based single sign-on system would be a game-changer for the next phase of development.

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