Biden leads as vote count continues in key states

Biden leads as vote count continues in key states

Joe Biden declared “we’re going to win this race” in a late-night address on Friday after a rollercoaster day that began with him taking the lead in two key states. But as vote counts continue to trickle in, the race remains uncalled. 

Much of the focus is on Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes – enough at this stage to win Biden the presidency. As of late Friday, the former vice president was leading there by more than 28,000 votes with 96% of the vote tallied. 

CBS News still considers Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina toss-ups, while Nevada is likely Democratic and Arizona is leaning toward Biden. President Trump has made up ground in Arizona, while Biden has slightly expanded his lead in Nevada.  

Biden urged faith in the counting process Friday, as President Trump continued to baselessly claim the election was being stolen from him. 

“Democracy works — your vote will be counted,” Biden said. “I don’t care how hard people try to stop it. I will not let it happen. People will be heard. Our journey is toward a more perfect union”

Mr. Trump spent the day out of public view but vowed not to concede. His team selected David Bossie, a longtime political adviser, to lead the effort to challenge the results in several states.

Find results for all races in the CBS News Election Center, and updates from key states here:

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