Ten technologies such as “5G+MEC” have become the top ten most growing technologies in the global industrial Internet

Ten technologies such as "5G+MEC" have become the top ten most growing technologies in the global industrial Internet

These ten technologies are cloud native technology based on container orchestration engine, low code development technology of industrial system, ultra-dense heterogeneous technology for industrial field, “5G+MEC” technology, end-to-end fusion technology of industrial Internet, real-time data warehouse construction technology, industrial Ethernet technology based on advanced physical layer, industrial Internet intrusion detection technology driven by AI, block chain identification data management technology, Intelligent application technology of industrial system based on deep learning.

The 2020 Global Industrial Internet Conference focuses on hot topics such as new business type and the new model of industrial Internet in epidemic prevention and control and helping enterprises to resume work and production, and how to promote domestic and international dual-cycle development.

The elements of Liaoning, the old industrial base of this conference, are more abundant and brighter. For example, Liaoning enterprises will show the scenario of artificial intelligence and digital technology empowering equipment manufacturing, metallurgy and other pillar industries in Liaoning Province through the case of “intelligent steelmaking” in Angang. At the same time, brilliance BMW, Shenyang Zhongke Owei, Neusoft Group, Xinsong Robot and other enterprises will also show off offline with the latest results.

At the exhibition, participants can experience the 4K video coverage of cement mines realized by the combination of “5G super uplink UAV” through interactive demonstration, and carry out VR interactive experience with “5G smart factory”, “5G smart steel”, “5G smart mine” and “5G smart power” through real-time connection to 5G industrial network and intelligent network.

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Caption: Visitors experience at the conference and feel the latest achievements in the development of intelligent manufacturing in the future.

SOURCE The Publicity Department of Shenyang Municipality

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