Will Tuesday’s snow break records?

Will Tuesday's snow break records?

EAU CLAIRE (WQOW)- As Wisconsinites, we know it’s not unheard of to see snow in October, but how rare is it?

Even if we only get one inch of snow Tuesday, which is looking likely, it would be one of the top ten earliest times it has happened in Eau Claire on a single day. Specifically, it would be a tie for the sixth earliest one inch snowfall on record.

If we get two inches of snow, it would be a tie for the third earliest date we’ve ever picked up that much snow.

If we get three inches of snow, it would be alone in third place, and if we exceed three inches, it would be the second earliest, and the earliest in 95 years.

In order for us to set an all time record for the most snowfall in a single day in the month of October, totals would have to exceed five inches, which has never happened in the 127 years Eau Claire has been keeping records.

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