Worcester Car Break-Ins Rise 193% in September


WORCESTER – In September 2020 there were 217 reported car break-ins in Worcester, a 193% increase over August.

According to the Worcester Police Department, the trend has continued into October.

The Worcester Police Department Crime Analysis Unit identified the areas around Highland St. and St. Vincent’s Hospital as hot spot areas. Main South has also seen significant activity.

Most break-ins occur during overnight hours. Sunday and Monday have seen more break-ins than other days.

The Worcester Police Department issued a statement today to remind residents o take prevention measures: lock your doors, remove or hide any valuables, secure your property, completely close your windows, park in well-lit areas, avoid parking between large vehicles, install an audible alarm, and park in attended lots.

Worcester Car Break-Ins Rise 193% in September 2

Image Credit: Worcester Police Department/ Facebook

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