Breaking down the candidates for Wisconsin’s 88th Assembly District

Breaking down the candidates for Wisconsin’s 88th Assembly District

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – When you’re filling out your ballot this election you might see there is a race for Wisconsin’s 88th Assembly District. Incumbent Republican John Macco and Democratic challenger Kristin Lyerly face off to represent the district at the Capitol.

Republican John Macco has been a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly since 2015 representing the district. Macco’s Campaign says he will continue to fight against raising taxes on the middle class, family farms and small businesses. Macco says he supports investing in local hospitals and our healthcare workforce and says he will fight for those with pre-existing conditions. Macco says he supports building up career development programs. He voted for increasing funding for youth apprenticeships and technical education grants.

Democrat Kristin Lyerly tells Ballotpedia she will work toward cleaner air and water and more efficient transportation. She also says she is committed to working towards more affordable healthcare in Wisconsin. Lyerly supports investing in k-12 public schools in Wisconsin to raise the standards of the state’s education system.

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