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Villatoro: Health technology - Columns

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Can you imagine the disciples using glasses to read or even using contact lenses?

It was a preacher in Pisa, Italy who wrote a sermon on February 1306, “It is not yet twenty years since there was found the art of making eyeglasses, which make for good vision.”

We are so used to using technology today in all areas that it is almost impossible to conceive of our lives without it, especially when applied to our health.

It is laudable the effort of millions of people investing their lives to improve our health. Thanks to their sacrifice, we are introduced to modern techniques to save lives and restore organs.

How great it is that through prescriptions our bodies can be normalized?

We praise God for good health, and we praise Him when specialists can help us bringing our health to levels, that without all that technology and knowledge that is available today, it would be impossible.

Science is working miracles, if only we could see that is our Lord the One illuminating the mind of those individuals. We can’t stop giving thanks to God for the gift of life!

We can’t thank Him enough for all the technology available to help us improve our health. We need to encourage our friends who work in the medical field to keep doing that task that it is extremely important in our cities.

We need to treat them really nicely; we need to congratulate nurses who help millions of people all over the world. We need to show our gratitude to hospitals, clinics, even to insurance companies, because all of them are working to get our health better.

Certainly it is a profitable business for some people, but for us, American citizens, today the medical field is a wonderful area that we are proud of, and highly appreciative.

Today I say to all of you people who help us with our health: Thank you so much! Our prayers are with you, may our Lord protect all hospital workers.

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