University of Florida implements license plate recognition technology on campus

University of Florida implements license plate recognition technology on campus

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – In an effort to enhance security and safety on campus, the University of Florida installed new cameras at intersections.

UF announced the implementation of license plate readers also known as LPRs on its campus on Wednesday.

LPRs are cameras that captures car tag numbers which are then run through national and state systems that will notify law enforcement of stolen or wanted cars.

The university currently has LPRs at 16 intersections and plans on installing LPRs at 15 more locations.

“Our administration is very concerned about the safety and security of our population,” said Joseph Souza, UF’s security director. “This is a huge leap forward for us in being able to proactively fight crime and help the university police department.

UFPD along with the Gainesville Police Department and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office are using the technology to share information to solve crimes and locate missing persons.

“The safety and the security of our university is of the upmost importance to our senior administration and our board of trustees,” Souza said. “This is a giant leap forward and will help us along with other enhancements we’re doing.”

In June 2019, UF’s board of trustees approved a plan for safety and security enhancements on campus.

Improvements include creating a campus safe walk with enhanced lighting, improving security video storage capability, expanding the UF alert program, and electronic access control on all buildings.

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