Race to trace close contacts of mystery new NSW COVID cases; Trump lays low; Labor to give budget reply speech; William Tyrrell inquest to finish

Australian Labor leader Anthony Albanese is due to give the party’s budget reply speech this evening.

In it, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, he is expected to “reset” Labor’s agenda, arguing that the Coalition has left women behind, and that the country’s $1 trillion debt shows serious economic mismanagement.

Mr Albanese yesterday said Scott Morrison’s government had been “slow” in reacting to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving Australians to deal with an historic fallout.

“It is the Morrison recession and this Government was slow to react,” Mr Albanese told Today.

“And there is still no major reform plan here. One would have thought out of this recession you should be looking at, ‘Okay, how do we build a stronger Australia? What is the big reform measure out of this budget?’ I can’t see one.”

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