Federal Budget 2020 delivers $213.7b deficit and tax cuts for more than 11 million Aussies; Treasurer’s plan to combat biggest economic blow since WWII

There are concerns millions of Australians have been left out of the Federal Government’s budget, while others say it’s the “right budget, for the right time”. 

Australian Council of Social Services CEO Cassandra Goldie believes the budget has left many unpaid workers “stranded”. 

“Millions without paid work have been left stranded in the budget,” Ms Goldie told Today.

“We have a glimmer of hope with wage subsidies for young people under 35 years of age. We’ve got to hope that business will respond to that. But we’ve missed a big opportunity here – the crushing let down for people on JobSeeker to deliver the permanent increased social security payment.”

She added that female workers and parents have also been overlooked in the budget, which she claimed relies too heavily on tax cuts and the private sector.

“We’ve got nothing really big in terms of critical areas of services like childcare,” Ms Goldie said.

“A little bit on aged care. Nowhere near enough in the jobs-rich area of human services. We saw women at the front line of this pandemic. Nowhere near enough in terms of what we should be doing to provide support particularly to women. 

“Overall, this isn’t the budget we were looking for at all.”

However, Business council of Australia CEO Jennifer Westacott is said it was what Australia needed.

“This is a very, very good budget. Absolutely the right budget for the right time,” Ms Westacott said.  “It’s going to instill confidence. It’s going to inspire hope. And there’s some very important initiatives that are going to go to that issue about creating jobs.  Getting business investment happening again.

“$27 billion to drive business investment. That’s going to drive work orders, that’s going to drive people putting more people on.

“You’ve got to look at the whole thing as a kind of package. When you look at that package, you say, ‘This is going to help those million Australians get back to work.'”

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