EMSculpt: Build muscle and trim fat on lunch break

EMSculpt: Build muscle and trim fat on lunch break

FDA approved non-surgical body shaping procedure is the first to go beyond fat and skin to focus on muscle development.

YORK, Pa. — EMSculpt is a body-contouring treatment approved by the FDA that promises to eliminate stubborn fat and build muscle.  Dr. William Carter with Medical Cosmetics of Lancaster says it’s perfect for the person who works out a lot but is still having trouble developing a specific area of their body. “So you can take a selected muscle group or area of your body and develop the muscles in a way that you can’t get with regular exercise,”  Dr. Carter said.  

The machine contracts your muscles for you, without you even breaking a sweat.  In fact, if you want, you could even take a nap on your lunch break!  It sounded so good, part of the FOX43 morning crew went to see how it works, prior to the pandemic hitting.  FOX43’s Bradon Long was brave enough to give it a try and said although it does feel weird and takes some getting used to, it wasn’t painful at all.  

So how is it that we are working out muscles but don’t feel sore?  “A magnetically induced muscle contraction has no pain associated with it and that’s why it’s magical,” said Dr. Carter.

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Also aiding in that pain-free experience, is a cycle throughout the 30 minute session that literally taps out any buildup of lactic acid.  (That’s the stuff that makes you feel really sore after a tough workout) 

EMSculpt claims to be the first treatment to go beyond fat and skin and focus on the development of muscle.  Dr. Carter says it’s a real game changer that can strengthen and tone abs, butt, thighs, calves and even arms.  “It’s truly the only device that I have in our office out of 20 machines that there’s no pain associated with it,” he said.

EMSculpt results can differ for each person and usually require multiple treatments to achieve maximum results.  The price varies depending on what doctor you see and which area of the body you’re working on, but each session can cost anywhere from $500-$1200. 

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