Why Marie Schrader Always Wears Purple

Why Marie Schrader Always Wears Purple

Marie Schrader primarily wore shades of purple during her time on Breaking Bad. Here’s the significance of the character’s favorite color.

Marie Schrader had a habit of wearing shades of purple throughout all five seasons of Breaking Bad, and it wasn’t just a random color choice. Betsy Brandt played the judgemental sister of Skyler White (Anna Gunn) and the wife of DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris). As the sister-in-law of the central character, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), Marie remained in the dark for much of the series, but she eventually learned the truth. Breaking Bad series creator Vince Gilligan made calculated decisions with every aspect of the show’s characters – including color symbolism in their clothing.

Marie appeared in all but a small handful of episodes that made up Breaking Bad‘s run, serving as an integral figure connected to the White family. Despite being devoted to Hank and Skyler, Marie had a tendency to overstep her boundaries. She was also a bit of a control freak, leading to numerous arguments between her and her sister. In addition to a shoplifting addiction, Marie was forced to care for her bedridden husband after he was ambushed and badly injured. Matters became worse when Marie learned of Walt’s double identity as Heisenberg, as well as Skyler’s knowledge of (and involvement in) her husband’s criminal activity.

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For the majority of Marie’s presence in Breaking Bad, the character wore purple. Whether it was blouses, sweaters, or outerwear, Marie had a stocked closet of purple garments. That wasn’t enough, however, since she also made sure most of her home furnishings matched her favorite color of clothes, including items in her kitchen. Hank was clearly aware of his wife’s fondness for purple because he often got her gifts in the specific shade. Whereas Walt began wearing more black when he transformed into Heisenberg, Skyler was known for wearing blue. Since purple is next to blue on the color wheel, it was no surprise that it was chosen for Marie. That said, Gilligan also connected Marie’s arc to the deeper meaning behind the color purple.

The Meaning Behind Marie’s Choice Of Purple In Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

When asked about Marie’s favorite color, Gilligan explained that purple is traditionally linked to royalty and notions of nobility, power, and luxury. It was no secret that Marie put herself up on a pedestal. While ignoring her own problems, she had a habit of acting like she lived a happier life than others, especially when she compared herself to Skyler. Purple is also used to represent pride, loyalty, and wisdom, which were all traits linked to Marie despite her flaws. Last but not least, purple can be used to symbolize self-deception or being misled. Marie was constantly being misled by Skyler and Walt when it came to the latter’s activity in the meth drug trade.

Some viewers of Breaking Bad had theorized that Marie wasn’t a fan of purple, but instead, Hank loved the color. Considering she loved her husband deeply, she consistently wore the color and purchased various home goods to present purple for Hank to enjoy. Following Hank’s tragic death in “Ozymandias,” Marie was shown wearing black and white to symbolize her grief. With her husband gone, she lost her power along with her sense of nobility. With that, her attraction to purple disappeared.

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