County to apply for new van, transportation technology | Latest News

County to apply for new van, transportation technology | Latest News

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YORK – York County will be getting a new wheelchair-equipped minivan – hopefully – and it will also be 100 percent funded by federal/state money (again, hopefully).

Lori Byers, director of the county’s aging services and public transportation system, brought the opportunity to the commissioners earlier, after she learned of the availability of these funds for these purchases.

“If we apply now, and this goes through, it would be replaced by 100 percent of the price being covered,” Byers said.

The proposed new $48,000 van would be able to transport someone with a wheelchair device, she said. “If you sign the resolution today, we will publish a legal for a hearing, hold a hearing and then submit an application to the Nebraska Department of Transportation. Then, the back-up vehicle would be sold and the oldest vehicle would become the back-up with this new van becoming the lead.”

The commissioners agreed to start the process.

Then there is the anticipated acquisition of exciting new software that will streamline and track their transportation dispatching, as well as provide for more efficient payment acceptance and accounting practices.

Byers said the NDOT would reimburse the county for 100 percent of the cost. It is $35,000 for the start-up, that would be reimbursed 100 percent, Byers said.

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