Inland Residents Head To The Coast For A Break From The Heat – CBS Los Angeles

Inland Residents Head To The Coast For A Break From The Heat – CBS Los Angeles

VENTURA (CBSLA) — As Southern California nears the end of a brutal heatwave, people are continuing to find ways to stay cool ahead of another hot weekend.

Temperatures at San Buenaventura State Beach in Ventura were significantly cooler than inland cities Friday bringing visitors to the area.

People laying out, in the water, or just taking a stroll said they had enough of the extreme heat all week.

Santa Clarita resident Jeannie Cedeno-Fedorick and her husband brought their dog from Santa Clarita to find relief from the sizzling temperatures and bad air quality.

“We are trying to beat the heat in Santa Clarita,” said Cedeno-Fedorick. “It’s about 107 right now and here it’s 77 degrees so it’s a lot nicer, a lot cooler”

Pasadena resident Barbara Hamwright brought her family to Ventura to get a break from the heat.

“Really there’s just nothing to do,” she said. “Wherever we go it’s too hot. You can’t eat at restaurants because of COVID. You have to eat outside and it’s just too much. So, we wanted to get closer to the water.”

Javier and Angela Beardsley from Rancho Cucamonga said they were glad to be able to get some exercise outdoors without breaking much of a sweat.

“I like to lay in the pool but still it’s too hot,” said Javier. “It’s still 100 degrees and you can feel it. You have to go inside and cool off and here you can stay outside and bike around…it feels nice.”

Normally beaches would be packed with people trying to beat the heat but some are avoiding being outdoors because of the humidity, air quality, or just trying to avoid crowds due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We like that it is not super crowded,” said Angela. “I think there are some fires around too so I don’t know if the smokey air is keeping people away.”

“It’s not crowded and everybody is wearing their masks,” said Cedeno-Fedorick. “Everybody is following the rules so I think it’s great.”

The humidity and temperatures were slightly higher Friday than even locals expected, but not enough to make the visitors want to stay home.

“It’s still warm but it’s not Pasadena hot,” said Hamwright. “We at least have the breeze here. We can breathe.”

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