Man charged with breaking into at least 10 cars in Manchester | Manchester

Man charged with breaking into at least 10 cars in Manchester | Manchester

MANCHESTER — Police arrested a man last week who they say broke into more than 10 cars in town.

The man, Lamar Alexander Easmon, 24, of Manchester, was arrested Aug. 4 and charged with 13 counts of third-degree burglary, three counts of criminal attempt to commit third-degree burglary, eight counts of sixth-degree larceny, eight counts of criminal attempt to commit sixth-degree larceny, third-degree criminal mischief, and interfering with police.

He is being held at Hartford Correctional Center on $75,000 bond.

A police incident report ives the following details of Easmon’s arrest:

Police were dispatched at 3:13 a.m. Aug. 4 after a resident reported a suspicious person checking to see if their parked car was unlocked. Police set up a perimeter in the area, but a suspect was not found.

About 30 minutes later, police received another call from someone stating that they’d also seen someone in their driveway checking their vehicle’s doors. Again, the suspect was not found at that time.

After speaking with the resident who called, officers discovered four other vehicles in a driveway across the street had been broken into, though only about $10 in change was taken from the vehicles. While continuing to investigate the car break-ins, police were told of several more break-ins in the area in which items were stolen.

Later that morning at almost 5 a.m., officers found a man, identified as Easmon, on South Main Street who matched the suspect’s description. Officers were familiar with Easmon, as he has an extensive history as a suspect in other car burglaries and larceny cases in the past.

When police attempted to speak with Easmon, he first rode his bike away from them before running away on foot.

Police eventually found Easmon hiding in a bush, but he did not respond to police orders to show his hands. He did not move at all, so officers handcuffed him. Police then noticed his body was limp so they checked him for a pulse and carried him out of the bush. When they placed Easmon on the ground, one of the officers noticed foam outside of his mouth so they uncuffed him, put his hands in front of his body, and cuffed him again that way. One officer then gave Easmon a “sternal rub,” but he was still unresponsive.

At this time police requested a medical response and another officer ran to his cruiser to get an oxygen tank and mask. Once officers began giving Easmon oxygen, he became responsive again. He declined further medical treatment and was later placed in a police cruiser.

When Easmon initially ran from police he dropped a pair of black surgical gloves, a blue face covering described by one of the victims, and a sock with $91.88 in change. On him they also found $103 in cash.

Police initially set his bond at $25,000, but on Aug. 5 officers were notified that the bail commissioner had increased the number after several more people in the area came forward with similar stories of car break-ins. Several of the break-ins were on Hackmatack Street, Rogers Place, and surrounding roads.

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