August HyFlex Technology Update – Seton Hall University

Additional details are now available regarding HyFlex classroom technology that you will be using when the University moves to in-person instruction for the Fall 2020 semester. As a reminder, classrooms at all campuses will have at least one camera focused on the front of the classroom, allowing “remote” students to see the instructor. Based on room size, an appropriate number of microphones and speakers have been installed to ensure the two-way engagement of all participants.

At a minimum, one display device is present in each room to ensure that students physically present in the room can see their counterparts who are joining remotely as well as any content that the instructor chooses to display for the class. Some classrooms have had a second display installed, at the back of the room, so the faculty member can see the remote participants. A description of the technology and classrooms on our three campuses is available here.

In a Teams HyFlex classroom, the course is automatically scheduled and will appear on the Teams panel. The instructor and the student enrollment will automatically be invited to the class meeting days/time. Instructors start the class session from the Microsoft Teams panel in the room,. Those in the room immediately see and hear students joining remotely. Both faculty and students can share their screen remotely, minimizing the need for handling any cables to connect to classroom technology. A video of this process is available here.

Take a Teams Test Drive
Faculty are invited to test drive the latest Microsoft Teams HyFlex room technology at the South Orange campus. For social distancing purposes, each test drive time slot is open for up to 8 faculty at a time. Faculty are encouraged to bring their laptop in order to test presentation mode. Teams test drives are available by appointment only, August 12-13 and 18-20 from 9am to 6pm.

Classroom Technology Directory
An online directory of classrooms has been created to show all technology available in our classrooms, a floorplan with social distancing guidelines, and an image of the classroom. Faculty can filter by campus, room type, or simply search for their assigned classroom. Classrooms and images are being added throughout the week, if you do not see your classroom, please check back later.

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