Healthy Kids is a family health challenge

Healthy Kids is a family health challenge

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – You and your family can have fun and learn about healthy living this summer with “Mission: Healthy Kids.” You can even win prizes.

The health challenge is a partnership between Children’s Wisconsin and Kohl’s Cares. It runs through August 7, but you still have plenty of time to get started.

CLICK HERE for the Mission: Healthy Kids website

This happens every year, and on average about 400 families across the state participate, but this year there are 800 because more families are sticking closer to home and looking for things to do.

You compete in three categories: mindfulness, physical activity and nutrition.

“Gather as a family. Just making sure that you’re eating everything to live a healthy life. For physical activity, it could be things like a sports competition, new games, taking a family hike or walk around your area,” Maisie Finnegan, community health project coordinator for Children’s Wisconsin, said.

You track it with an online log, and you could win prizes like a Fitbit fitness tracker or meal delivery service. You only need to complete two activities in each category, for a total of six activities, to qualify for prizes.

The overall goal of the program is to give families easy and unique ways to be healthier.

“Thinking of new ways to stay active and stay involved and having that little piece of a challenge really helps ignite that,” Finnegan said. “We also have a Facebook group that gives a community feel right now when everyone is staying at home. It’s nice to have a bunch of families come together to work toward being healthy.”

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