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ENFIELD — A man arrested Friday is accused of breaking into his former home and doing $8,000 worth of damage, according to Police Chief Alaric Fox.

Vincent Pajor, 40, of 131 Spencer St. in Manchester was charged with third-degree burglary, first-degree criminal mischief, and first-degree criminal trespassing.

Pajor’s bond was initially set at $3,000, but online records show that it was reduced in court to a promise to appear, resulting in his release.

Fox said the burglary was reported May 22 at 8 Donna St.

Police spoke with the homeowner who believed Pajor, the former owner of the house, broke in and committed the vandalism.

The homeowner said he bought the property from a bank after it was foreclosed on and the former residents had to be evicted.

The former residents were allowed to stay in the house past their eviction date to gather their belongings, Fox said.

The chief said Pajor was seen walking near the house as the homeowner returned, though Pajor disputes breaking into the home or being in the area.

When the homeowner got home, he noticed the foundation was wet, then discovered that a toilet was clogged and there was a foot of water in the basement from a smashed water pipe.

Police said there was no forced entry, and the vandal appeared to enter the residence by a side door.

Police eventually made contact with Pajor who denied breaking into his former home and promised to follow up with the officer.

Repeated attempts by police to contact Pajor were unsuccessful, and when police finally managed to reach him by phone, he refused to provide the officer with a statement and hung up the phone, the chief said.

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