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Three steps to a thriving remote work force

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Who bought shares in Zoom? This easy peasy remote meeting
platform has gone gangbusters in the age of COVID-19, along with
technologies like GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, WebX and Skype.
You, your staff and your customers need to be comfortable with
these new digital tools and modes of delivery to keep doing
business brilliantly.

Here are three steps to building a thriving remote work

  1. Reassure clients and customers. Email is your
    friend. Reach out to your client base to let them know you’re
    still the same great provider – just online. Share exactly how
    you’ll be delivering your service now that COVD-19 is a thing,
    and encourage them to see these changes in a positive light.

  2. Upskill your team. Whatever platform/s
    you’ve decided to use, make sure your team is up to speed.
    Dedicate time to tutorials, familiarisation exercises and group
    practice runs. The ability of your staff to problem solve and
    deliver the same excellent service depends on their confidence
    using new tools and technologies. Don’t cut corners.

  3. Draft a cheat sheet. Is video conferencing
    your new normal? Anticipate technological pitfalls and draft a
    cheat sheet. Outline the etiquette: to mute or not to mute? Should
    the host pause occasionally to give participants opportunities to
    engage? Is the host aware of features in the conferencing platform
    that allow members to interject? Remember that non-verbal cues that
    are apparent in face-to-face meetings may be harder to pick up on
    in the digital environment. There’s a lot to be learned, but a
    workplace Video Conferencing Cheat Sheet will help.

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about your specific circumstances.

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