Dane County tests beach cleaning technology

Dane County tests beach cleaning technology

MIDDLETON (WKOW) — New technology is being tested in Dane County that vacuums hazardous blue-green algae blooms near beaches, so they’re more safe and healthy for swimming.

The cleaning system is currently stationed at Mendota County Park in Middleton. It’s removing algae and decaying plants along the shoreline that increase during the hot weather.

The goal is for better water quality around the beach.

“Particularly this year during COVID-19 when people are needing to get outside and looking for a safe place to go and frankly an inexpensive place, you can bring your families down to the water, down to the beach — it doesn’t cost anything. But if the beach is all full of algae, it doesn’t do much good,” said County Executive Joe Parisi.

Algae blooms can be a health concern to people and pets.

Blue-green algae can only be removed with pumping equipment because of its watery composition.

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