Lee Health calling for more ICU nurses as COVID cases increase

Lee Health calling for more ICU nurses as COVID cases increase


Lee Health officials are looking for more ICU nurses since the number of ICU beds are already limited due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases.

A representative with Lee Health says that just 11% of their ICU beds are available currently because of the rise in COVID-19 patients coming to the hospital.

Lee health CEO Dr. Larry Antonucci calls this lack of ICU beds concerning.

On Friday, Lee Health’s most recent update said they have 285 isolated COVID-19 cases in their hospitals right now.

Leaders say that if we continue at this rate, Lee Health hospitals could be completely full by the end of July.

The rise in ICU occupants this weekend prompted Lee Health leaders to seek more ICU staff for its multiple hospitals.

“This morning we were at 89% typically we run around 85% so we just sent out a proactive message to appropriate staff to see who was available not only tonight but really over the next several days,” said Scott Kasham, Chief Officer for Hospital Operations at Lee Health.

But Lee Health hospitals are asking the community and its leaders to reduce positive cases thereby reducing hospitalizations. This means wearing masks, social distancing, and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, as recommended but the CDC.

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