How To: Make Your Child’s Technology Experience “Unhackable”

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In previous discussions with Westwood’s George Mansour, we have established that companies are seeking your data. But what about the data of children in your life? “You can’t

go back to the past, but you can use knowledge to help your child create that new safe
Unhackable experience.” Mansour comments.

“It’s impossible to hide from new technology,” he says. “The tricks are to secure it for your child, create a healthy connection to technology, and it is crucial that parents model good online behavior.”

When asked about popular video-sharing service TikTok, which was in the news this past week for having spyware, Mansour pauses. “It’s not about TikTok–after TikTok, another platform will come out. The most important thing is to create a universal sense of privacy and security on your devices, and to know what your child is doing on their device. Know the age limits for the app they are using. Know what they are doing on those apps.”

Mansour emphasizes the importance of teaching children digital literacy and that communities need to buy into the importance of digital literacy.

Check out Mansour’s website, Linkedin, Amazon author page, or Medium for more of his information on cyber security.

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