Dell Technologies fund to support Irish businesses fund digital transformation

Dell Technologies fund to support Irish businesses fund digital transformation

Irish businesses should consider the opportunities presented by a remote workforce and invest in their future as the pace of digital transformations is accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic, Dell Technologies Ireland’s managing director has said.

The technology giant, which employs around 6,000 people in Ireland, is offering a number of supports to small and medium sized companies to help them get the technology they need to grow their businesses in the current crisis.

“Businesses large and small have faced unprecedented challenges in recent months. Many have had to cope with personally adapting to working remotely for the first time while also managing their entire workforce during this new reality,” said Jason Ward, who took over the managing director role in February.

“In order to remain competitive many have had to transform their business model overnight. From sharing our own decade long experience of managing a remote workforce to providing the technology needed to support employees working from home, Dell Technologies has been helping businesses in recent months to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”

The company this week hosted a webinar with Technology Ireland on the future of the digital workforce, highlighting how technology can help the workforce of the future, and outlining a number of existing supports open to eligible Irish SMEs. Dell Technologies is offering financing through its Payment Flexibility Programme to Irish companies who need to upgrade their remote working capabilities to do business effectively and continue to grow their business during the current crisis.

Globally, Dell has made $9 billion in financing available to help fund IT investment this, including businesses in Ireland. That is in addition to the financing offered by its Dell Financial Services arm, which advances credit to companies who want to invest in their infrastructure.

“Maintaining a connected workforce is now a priority for businesses in all sectors. Although many businesses now have employees working from home, many are still struggling with how to successfully manage a remote workforce and protect the health and safety of employees working from home,” said Una Fitzpatrick, director, Technology Ireland.“The lessons learnt from Dell Technologies own journey of flexible working can empower others to create a culture and environment that enables employees to do their best work whether at home or returning to the office.”

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