Six-again rule amended to catch markers breaking early

Six-again rule amended to catch markers breaking early

Referees will immediately re-start the tackle count when markers are not square or break early at the play-the-ball after changes were made to the new six-again rule established this season.

The ARLC approved the amendment to the rule on Tuesday in a bid to prevent teams from using markers to gain an unfair advantage.

Referees retain the right to issue a penalty and put players in the sin bin for persistent ruck infringements and professional fouls. 

“We have observed an increasing trend of markers either not standing square or breaking early and placing themselves in an offside position,” ARLC chairman Peter V’landys said.

“Rather than direct referees to blow more penalty stoppages, we believe this variation will ensure free flowing rugby league continues to the benefit of our fans. 

“The introduction of the six-again rule has added to the spectacle of the game and the Commission will continue to be dynamic and agile to ensure we keep the game as entertaining as possible.”

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