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Warning of ‘several explosions’ in Long Eaton as historic chimney is demolished

Long Eaton residents have been told to brace themselves for ‘several explosions’ over the weekend when a historic chimney is demolished to help make way for new homes.

Up until 2009, the site, which is bordered on one side by the Erewash Canal, was home to a number of mills buildings. They included the Britannia and Portland Mills, which were built in the early 1900s.

But a major fire, which started in a property formerly occupied by the mattress manufacturer Elson and Robbins, gutted many of the buildings on the site and almost all of them were demolished.

Today, the only remnant of those mill buildings is the chimney, which has been used for the stationing of telecommunications equipment, along with some of the factory walls, which act as a boundary for the site.

However, the chimney will be flattened over the weekend so the site can be redeveloped – and people living in the area have been warned.

Speaking ahead of the start of the project, Melvyn Cross Junior, joint owner of the Hucknall-based Total Reclaims Demolition, said: “The technical term for the process is a ‘blow down’.

“We will start by preparing the site around the base of the chimney, clearing any obstructions, and then on Thursday or Friday we will ‘pre-weaken’ the structure by removing a wedge from the base, which will give the direction of fall.

A view of the chimney set to be demolished. (Image: Joseph Raynor/Nottingham Post)

“This will be followed by us drilling pre-determined holes for the explosives.

“On Sunday morning (June 28) it will be charged, wrapped with material to keep the charge in place and then, at 9am – Kaboom.

“We wanted to warn residents not to be alarmed if they hear a big bang.

“It could well be heard over a great distance.

“And, although letters have been sent out to the immediate vicinity, we don’t want to cause any panic.

“There will be several explosions all happening in quick succession, so only one will be heard – and the blast could be heard for a three-mile radius.”

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