Police arrest man breaking into cars in northeast Lincoln

Police arrest man breaking into cars in northeast Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – The Lincoln Police Department recently arrested a man for breaking into cars and investigators are now asking other drivers in the area to check for missing belongings.

On Monday around 5 p.m., a caller told dispatchers there was a man trying to open car doors near 49th and Madison Streets, in northeast Lincoln.

When responding officers arrived in that area, they made contact with 33-year old Dylan Dormer.

LPD said he was found sitting in a car taking items from the center console and putting them in a bag.

Responding officers found a prescription bottle in the bag that wasn’t Dormer’s.

LPD said they contacted the owner of the prescription and learned the bottle had been in the car, along with other items found in the bag, but they didn’t press charges.

Officers found another person’s belongings in Dormer’s bag and that owner did press charges.

Dormer was arrested and is facing entering a motor vehicle without permission charges and stealing goods less than $500 charges.

LPD said Dormer had other items in his bag that they couldn’t identify who it belonged to.

Investigators said if you have a car in the area and something is missing, give LPD a call at (402) 441-6000.

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