BREAKING: Edward Colston statue retrieved from Bristol Harbour

BREAKING: Edward Colston statue retrieved from Bristol Harbour

A statue of Edward Colston has been removed from Bristol Harbour.

Bristol City Council confirmed they retrieved the statue early this morning (June 11).

In a post shared on social media, the council wrote: “Early this morning we retrieved the statue of Colston from Bristol Harbour.

“It is being taken to a secure location before later forming part of our museums collection.

“As we run a working harbour, the statue needed to be removed. Thank you to @HarbMasterBris and @bristolmuseum and the salvage crew for assisting us.”

Colston statue pulled down

The statue was toppled, rolled down the street and thrown in the harbour during a Black Lives Matter protest on Sunday (June 7).

Since the action, there has been a fierce debate about what should be done with it – and what should stand in its place.

Earlier this week Marvin Rees confirmed the statue would be fished out of the harbour and put in a museum.

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Bristol Live asked the council how much the removal would cost but did not receive a response.

The statue will now be stored in a secret location.

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