“Tools for Great Home Videos” –

"Tools for Great Home Videos" -

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With most people these days communicating via video, Bruce Pechman shared some great tips and products to make you look and sound more professional and polished.

The Muscleman of Technology will demonstrated and explained some products that you may want to consider for looking good at the home!

iRig Video Creator HD Bundle
www.ikmultimedia.com   $199

Professional video and live-streaming kit made simple!
This new kit gives you all the tools you need to create professional video that will stand out from the crowd, with just your smartphone! Whether you want to create fun, daily videos for your Instagram Story, kickstart your YouTube channel, or engage your favorite Facebook group with live-streaming content, the iRig Video Creator HD bundle works out of the box with any app that captures audio and video.
Lighting can make or break a scene, so the iRig Video Creator HD Bundle also includes a 10″ LED ring light with adjustable color and brightness so you always look your best. No batteries are required, just connect to any USB power supply or battery pack and shoot at home or on the go! The also included iRig Mic HD 2 is a high-quality digital microphone with adjustable sensitivity to capture crystal-clear speech (connects digitally to your smartphone & includes a tabletop tripod for hands-free, desktop use.)
Finally, includes the iKlip Grip Pro multi-function stand lets you shoot from the perfect angle!

Altus Pro Ears Bluetooth “Hearing Protection” Headset
www.AltusBrands.com   (Purchase at Amazon.com for about $40)

Perfect for working at home during lock-down with a full house of distractions!
The Altus Pro Ears Bluetooth “Noise Protection” Headset is very unique in that it can reduce all surrounding NOISE by 25dB—perfect for ear-protection in noisy environments like vacuuming, mowing, and kids screaming…BUT its sensitive boom mike delivers great call quality for using Bluetooth connectivity with your phone. The big cushy ear cups hush the loudest noises and the multifunction switch allows you to take incoming call and adjust the volume. Yes, you can also listen to music from your phone as well! The microphone is on a flexible boom, so you can bring it close to your mouth for excellent sound quality—plus it’s noise-canceling foam cover to reduce wind noise and speech pops. Powered by 3 standard AAA alkaline cells, so there’s nothing to recharge.

iRig Mic Cast HD
www.ikmultimedia.com   $99

This dual-sided digital voice microphone is a pocket-sized microphone that easily attaches to your phone or tablet and delivers big-sounding, professional-quality voice recordings anywhere!  The iRig Mic Cast HD lets you record crystal clear speech anywhere using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. With iRig Mic Cast HD, it’s never been easier to create engaging video and audio with just your smartphone or tablet. Dual gold-sputtered electret condenser capsules deliver superior accuracy & detail—you can also use it with your laptop computer…just clip it to your laptop screen by the webcam to add crystal-clear audio to your live-streams, YouTube videos or Skype calls. Comes with everything you need: Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C cables. Also included is iRig Recorder 3 LE (iPhone/iPad/Android) – an easy-to-use, high quality audio and video app. Record, trim, edit and share, right from your device.

Wild Animal Print Face Masks by The Mountain
www.TheMountain.com  About $5 per mask

That’s right—a unique “Animal Print Face Mask” that adds an easy way to add a layer of fun to an existing face mask— choose from 16 different animals including a few dogs!
My favorite is the Lion, but the Bear and Snow Leopard are pretty cool too. These masks are practical, safe, and stylish and made from100% cotton material. Ear slits for all day comfort and masks are machine washable.
Note: This is a novelty/fashion mask and not tested for medical efficiency nor does it make claims for medical protection: please use at your own risk.

Home Video Tips:

- Turn off volume on your phone and notifications on your computer (remember email chimes and calendar reminders).  You don’t want anything to distract you.
- Practice video conferencing with a friend. Ask them for feedback on how you and your environment look on camera.

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