Horsch adds PWM technology to sprayer range

Horsch sprayer with PWM technology working in field

Horsch has become one of the first sprayer manufacturers to add pulse-width modulation (PWM) technology to some of its trailed sprayers.

The system will be optional on trailed Leeb LT and GS units, as well as all PT self-propelled machines. PWM is also offered by a host of other manufacturers, either using in-house-built systems or third party-sourced kits.

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The technology is becoming increasingly popular as growers look to keep chemical and liquid fertiliser use as accurate as possible.

One of the main advantages is turn compensation, where the spray volume is altered to apply the correct rate across the width, even when the boom ends are travelling at different speeds.

Horsch’s Precision Spray setup is apparently one of the first to integrate this into the sprayer’s software, removing the requirement for additional controllers in the cab – unlike that of Capstan and other brands.

There is no word on price but, as a guide, PWM typically adds about £25,000 to the cost of a sprayer.

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