Hollison using technology to fight coronavirus | News

Hollison using technology to fight coronavirus | News

Last month, Owensboro-based Hollison adapted its food safety bioaerosol sampler — the DuraSampler — to detect COVID-19 in high-risk areas.

Now, it’s distributing the Model C19TB, equipment that can immediately detect if someone has an elevated temperature and if they’re wearing a face mask.

Chris Dueker, who’s been working with the new equipment, said an alarm will sound if someone’s temperature is elevated or if they aren’t wearing a face mask.

And the equipment can count the number of people who have entered the building, he said.

Dueker said it can do all that if people come within 10 to 15 feet of it.

That means no one would have to individually check the temperature of people entering a building.

Even when the pandemic is over, Dueker said, the C19TB can be used to help detect whether someone with the flu is entering a building.

“These are unprecedented times,” David Humphrey, Hollison’s chief operating officer, said in a news release. “And because of these uncertainties, especially in our work surroundings, we need to support and protect those who are most at risk.”

The company, founded in 2005, uses technology to detect pathogens in public places and in the food supply.

It also produces probiotics at the plant at 2800 Warehouse Road.

Its DuraSampler product collects air samples to detect whether any coronavirus is present.

The tests can be completed within 30 minutes, Christopher Thorn, vice president of Brand Management, said earlier.

That work can be done before employees enter the room, he said.

Using the sampler can reduce the need for individual testing, Thorn said.

The equipment doesn’t eliminate the viruses, but it tells those using it if the coronavirus is present.

Companies interested in either product can call him at 812-568-2118, Thorn said.

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