Baker Mayfield Using Golf Technology To Improve Mechanics

Baker Mayfield Using Golf Technology To Improve Mechanics

Photo Credit: Frank Jansky (Icon Sportswire)


Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is turning to unlikely technology to improve his mechanics this offseason.

Offensive Coordinator Alex Van Pelt revealed how he’s working on Mayfield’s mechanics to

“The technology I got was from a golf lesson I had 10 years ago where they use this app that I still use to this day… You can really slow-mo and break it down, and you can draw on the app, as well. It gives me the ability to share my screen with Baker, watch his feet and really you can zoom all the way into just the feet and you can talk about each step, the position of each step and the length of each step. It’s actually a pretty cool tool. It is the first time I had really used it extensively to teach footwork, but it’s been useful.”

Being Creative During Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced all businesses around the world to be creative in how they continue to be productive.

The Browns coaching staff has been unable to work with players in-person this offseason.

But players have still been expected to stay in shape and improve for the last three months.

Golf instructors are no different and have even been giving virtual lessons to their students using an array of technology.

One of the most popular apps is V1, which allows coaches to take or import video of a golf swing and analyze it by drawing lines, playing and pausing the video and also comparing one video to other videos.

It’s likely the Browns OC received a golf lesson using this technology and chose to implement it with Baker.

Imagine a video of a QB with elite footwork, say Aaron Rodgers.

On the left side of the screen can be Rodgers’ model footwork and on the right side of the screen, Mayfield can make videos trying to emulate Rodgers.

Then Van Pelt can offer feedback by slowing down the video and drawing lines on what he would like to see.


A Glimpse Into The New Browns Offense


Alex Van Pelt went on to talk about what he is looking for in his QB’s footwork:

“I’ve studied all three different types of gun footwork, and I’ve decided this is what fits the quarterback the best in the system that we’re running, and that’s it… Our philosophy is we want to be West Coast footwork… There’s a way to teach that, and it’s not with that giant stagger. Under center will change slightly for him, too, but I think it will ultimately add to the rhythm and the timing of the pass game.”

It sounds like the goal is for Baker to remove a large stagger from his shotgun repertoire.

The West Coast offense gets the ball out quick which will emphasize shorter and quicker moves.

So as life begins to return to normal and the Browns coaching staff returns to their headquarters in Berea, it’s good to know Baker Mayfield is making strides on his own.

We just wonder if the new technology is also helping Baker’s golf game.

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