BREAKING NEWS: The whole of Andalucia will be in Phase 3 of de – escalation as of Monday, June 8

Damon Mitchell

All of Andalucia to move into Phase 3
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THE Spanish government have announced that the whole of Andalucia will be in Phase 3 of the de-escalation from isolation measures for the coronavirus as of Monday, June 8, as requested by the Board.  It is the first time that the entire community has progressed in the de-escalation as before now Malaga and Granada have always lagged one phase behind. This has just been announced by ABC from their Andalucian government sources.

Since Monday, Andalucians have regained more freedom. Thus, they will open the bars and restaurants and the social gatherings may grow to 20 people, both on the street and in private homes.

Socially, in Phase 3 the capacity is increased in social celebrations such as weddings and funerals and there may be up to 150 guests in open spaces and 75 indoors. The wake may have up to 50 attendees outdoors and 25 indoors. And the churches, up to 75 per cent capacity.

Ok, most importantly, what about beaches? Will it be possible to travel between provinces? The Government warned that, from Phase 3, it will be the communities that decide extremes such as interprovincial travel. The Executive of Juanma Moreno had announced that his intention was to allow travel to revive the economy and tourism until last Sunday.

hOWEVER, on Monday the question changed. The Board began to ask for caution and to recommend waiting for Malaga and Granada to allow mobility. Having fulfilled Moreno’s demand that all of Andalucia move into Phase 3 at the same time, the Board’s decision on travel between provinces remains to be seen.

If the Andalucian government finally gives its approval, the Andalucians will be able to return to the beach this Monday. But this will not be the case if the decision is to postpone this measure or restrict it in some way.

In any case, from Monday there are other things that can be done. Restaurant and bar terraces, which were currently limited to 50 per cent of their capacity, will be able to open up to 75 per cent of capacity. Also, the common areas of the shopping centres may reopen, although with a capacity limit.

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