Businesses in Greenville use technology to reduce contact

Businesses in Greenville use technology to reduce contact

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- To keep customers and employees safe, restaurants are going digital with QR codes.  

 A QR code is a computer-generated code that you can scan on your smartphone that links you to a designated site.

 A lot of restaurants are using QR code menus to limit contact, and Lemoncello is one restaurant leading the way for Greenville.

“We want you to feel safe that you can come here and enjoy a great meal and know we’re taking all the precautions we can to prevent anything from contaminating your food or your experience or your contact points,” said Executive Director of Larkin’s Restaurants, Adam Hayes.

 They’re not the only business in the area starting to use less contact.

Greenlink transportation services are also now offering a TouchPass card option to their passengers, a reloadable card that reduces the need to exchange physical money.

“This really limits the amount of interaction that the customer is going to require, so it puts the driver in a safer situation but it also puts the customer in a safer position,” said Greenlink Marketing and Public Affairs Manager, Nicole McAden.

As people get back to their normal routines, this will be a change to look out for.

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