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Drones have been used elsewhere in the world to combat the novel coronavirus, such as in India, where the pictured drone was deployed in the city of Chennai (AFP Photo/Arun SANKAR )


By Rizal Obanil

Five technologies have become a staple in making life more bearable in many areas of the world under lockdown due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Drone (AFP Photo/Arun SANKAR )

Mashable Southeast Asia (SEA) made a video of these emerging technologies, which they believe will still be a part of our lives under the “new normal” phase.

First is online delivery and the use of robots in the transport of deliveries. Under quarantine and with social distancing, human to human interaction has been limited or altogether discouraged. Under these circumstances, delivery services have become extremely essential.

Next is digital or contactless payment. Although this has been present way before the pandemic started, Mashable SEA believes that it will even become more popular because of the need for social distancing.

Third on the list is virtual learning. Even here in the Philippines, officials of the Department of Education (DepEd) are considering the possibility conducting classes online for the next school year.

The fourth technology is 3D printing. With a drop in production, due to lack of manpower, many companies have turned to this technology to fill the avoid.

Lastly, robots and drones. Like delivery services, robots and drones have been present before the pandemic. But with human interactions limited, these would play more essential roles in the months or even years to come.

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