Tej Kohli uses technology to rebuild lives

Tej Kohli uses technology to rebuild lives

When Tej Kohli graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur in 1980, the world was a very different place.  His first job as an Electrical Engineering graduate was to install tachometers for a company in Delhi, where Kohli got his first affirmation of his desire to become an entrepreneur. 

By 2006 the prodigious success of a payment gateways provider that Kohli founded in 1999 enabled him to sell his company and focus on helping others, and in 2018 IIT Kanpur conferred its Distinguished Alumnus Award upon Kohli.

The award from IIT was for “serving society at large” thanks to Kohli’s achievements developing solutions to major global health challenges through the Tej Kohli Foundation.  The guiding philosophy of the organisation is ‘rebuilding you’, and since 2005 the Tej Kohli Foundation has made direct interventions to improve tens of thousands of lives. 

The Foundation has also become a recognised authority and an interdisciplinary hub for collaboration in the worldwide mission to end poverty-driven corneal blindness.

The Tej Kohli Foundation engenders the faith of Tej Kohli in the promise of new technologies.  In November 2019 the foundation launched its ‘Future Bionics’ program, which provides the world’s first clinically approved ‘bionic’ arms to young people in the United Kingdom. 

The first recipient to receive a fully funded bionic arm was a 10-year old boy called Jacob, who was born without his lower left arm because of amniotic band syndrome.  Jacob received his 3D-printed bionic arm as a Christmas present from Kohli. 

Jacob was the first recipient of a 3D printed bionic arm from the Tej Kohli Foundation. Photo: Provided by Tej Kohli Foundation

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