MBLP should improve technology | News, Sports, Jobs

MBLP should improve technology | News, Sports, Jobs

To the Journal editor:

Up until a couple of years ago the Marquette Board of Light and Power made customer’s bills available online. This was very convenient, especially for part-time residents like myself. It also conserved resources, something the MBLP encourages us all to do regarding electricity use, by not requiring the mailing of paper bills.

The reason they gave back then for stopping this service was their concern for the safety of their customer’s information from hackers. However, they assured us they were working to restore the service as soon as practical. It has been a couple of years now and we customers don’t seem to be any closer to being able to retrieve our information on line.

Further, in this time of a global pandemic, one less piece of mail passing from hand-to-hand would be greatly appreciated. For the good of all, I think it’s time for the MBLP to move into the 21st century and get our bills back on line.


Davenport, Florida and

Negaunee Township

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