Teacher helps give parents a break through virtual trivia night

Teacher helps give parents a break through virtual trivia night

Once Jim Mercurio is done with his classes, he gears up to give parents and his fellow teachers a much deserved break.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Bishop McDevitt High School teacher Jim Mercurio is not afraid to go to different lengths to reach his students.

He’s at home in the classroom, but now, like his colleagues and students, his home is his classroom.

“To have 150 kids to interact with each day is a really special thing for me.  I feel confident that I now everyone of them on a deeper level and that I can relate to them.  I know where they are coming from and I know how they learn,” said Mercurio.

After a day of teaching his students virtually, he’s not done with the quizzes and questions.  Once the evening rolls around he turns his attention to another group in need, his fellow teachers and some parents in need of a break.

“I’m on maternity leave until the beginning of June, he is working from home, daycare is obviously closed so the three-year old is home all day,” said Jess Cohen.

Jess and Mike Cohen have a one month old baby to go with their three-year old, and if add on top of being at home all day, one can understand their reaction to a virtual trivia night invite.

“When he sent out the virtual trivia thing, we were totally all for it,” recalled Cohen.  “We need other adult interaction.”

“We knew at least half or three quarters at trivia so it was nice to see everybody that we usually would see at this time of year,” added Mike Cohen.

Whether the trivia goers are parents or fellow teachers, many are suddenly homeschooling their own children on top of working from home.

“Everybody is missing that socialization and that interaction.  So it’s nice to get everybody together, to get everybody laughing, and get everybody having fun, and stimulate the minds a little bit,” said Mercurio.

He knows his impact pales in comparison to those in the medical field and first responders, but as a history teacher, he can of course find a lesson.

“Knowing the history of this country, people have sacrificed a lot more for a lot longer, for us to have the amazing lives we have today.” 

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