Australians already ‘distrust’ govt on technology

Australians already 'distrust' govt on technology

Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland says it’s “fair” Australians have questions about the COVID Trace app, insisting it was a “matter of trust”.

The government will next week launch its contact tracing app, which would require a 40 per cent uptake to be effective.

Speaking with Sky News, Ms Rowland said Labor was open to the app but would need to see the detail before backing it in.

“We are very open to that, but we need to see the detail. We need have these questions answered,” she said.

“It’s not just Labor that’s asking the questions, Tom, it’s the Government’s own MPs.

“The ball is in the Government’s court here to get it right and explain to the Australian people what it is.

“There is already a level of distrust with technology, but also with the government’s handling of it.”

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