Law office embraces technology to serve clients | Sponsored

Law office embraces technology to serve clients | Sponsored

Law Office of Deborah L. Britt is working hard during these uncertain times to remain a trusted constant. The firm’s primary focus is to help clients prepare: for the best, for the worst and for the unpredictable in between. Attorney and owner, Deborah “Debbie” L. Britt Esq., describes her estate planning practice as being so much more than assisting clients with documenting where their money and property will go after they die. Her practice also focuses on the very important decisions people can make about agents they choose to handle their financial and medical matters if they are unable to speak and act for themselves. Debbie says, “What we are really providing to our clients is peace of mind that comes from knowing they have made plans to care for themselves and their loved ones at the right time, by the right people and in the right way.”

Providing remote legal services has become key in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Honoring social distancing guidelines, the physical office is open by appointment. Staff are working from home and coming into the office when needed. Telephone and video conferences have become the norm. Consistent email communication has gained increased value. Law Office of Deborah L. Britt continues to learn and share new ideas. A favorite tool is Zoom Pro, an audio and video conferencing application that allows multiple participants to meet virtually over the internet. The firm’s license allows up to 100 participants at a time with unlimited meeting time. Screen sharing during the meeting allows attorney/client discussion of document drafts in real time. Smartphone applications such as Tiny Scanner and FaceTime are also frequently used. By using Tiny Scanner, clients can easily convert their phone photos into .pdf files that can be shared with the firm. FaceTime offers an easy way to connect. Debbie, who celebrates her 30th anniversary of practicing law this year, is happy for the tech advances available in 2020. “Embracing technology has never been more important. We are staying connected with our existing and potential clients to provide the most relevant information and services possible.”

Law Office of Deborah L. Britt continues to provide education regarding important legal topics by offering free virtual presentations. Since community meetings are not currently possible, the firm is delivering information in a variety of digital ways. Debbie is most excited about two upcoming webinars being offered later this month. The first one is a webinar titled “7 Legal Documents We All Need,” and is a virtual adaptation of her most popular and requested workshop. She believes that there are seven legal documents everyone should have: (1) Will, (2) Revocable Living Trust, (3) Durable Financial Power of Attorney, (4) Advanced Healthcare Directive, (5) HIPAA Release, (6) Personal Financial Statement, and (7) Digital Assets Power of Attorney. Her presentation includes a discussion of each one of these documents, including stories which illustrate the benefits of each. Written presentation materials are provided online and by mail upon request. The second webinar being offered this month is titled, “How to Pay for Long Term Care,” and addresses the issues at the heart of Ms. Britt’s elder law practice. This presentation involves an overview of the primary ways of funding long term care, including an overview of nursing home Medicaid and other government benefits eligibility planning. Both webinars will be offered live and will also be available on demand following the live events. Webinar attendees receive a complimentary, private telephone or video consultation upon request. Information regarding dates and access links will be posted on the firm’s Facebook page, Law Office of Deborah L. Britt, and in the firm’s email newsletter. If interested in receiving, send an email to delaney@debbiebrittlaw to subscribe by email or mail.

Though many court matters are on hold in our state due to a judicial emergency being declared by our state supreme court, urgent issues are still be handled by the courts. Law Office of Deborah L. Britt continues to represent people in probate court regarding petitions for guardianships and conservatorships. If a loved one needs a court appointed person to keep them healthy and safe and/or to protect their money and property, the firm can help. Estate matters, such as petitions to probate wills or petitions for letters of administration (when a person dies without a will) are still being filed by the firm.

Debbie shared that she is grateful for community right now. With thoughtful and safe use of technology, she is staying connected with clients, colleagues, family and friends. She is encouraging others to do the same. Law Office of Deborah L. Britt is joining virtual meetings of important groups she belongs to, including the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Elder Law College, and American Bar Association, and is serving as virtual host for Brunswick Kiwanis Club and Healthcare Coalition of Coastal Georgia. When office meetings are necessary, such as documents signings with notary and witnesses, CDC guidelines are being followed for the health and safety of everyone. Debbie says her favorite quote has always been, and is now even more true: “We’re all in this together.”

Law Office of Deborah L. Britt is located at 302 Plantation Chase, on St. Simons Island. She represents clients on St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island, and in Brunswick and surrounding areas. Counties routinely served include Glynn, Camden, McIntosh, Ware, Brantley and Wayne. Debbie and her legal assistants, Delaney Britt and Tracie Beane, may be reached at 912-912-2655;; or

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