Whale break: rare sighting off Marseille as lockdown quietens sea – video | Global

A maritime patrol has filmed fin whales powering through Mediterranean waters off the coast of southern France – showing how wild animals are roaming more freely while people isolate indoors because of coronavirus. The graceful pair appeared off the Calanques National Park, a protected reserve next to the usually bustling but now locked-down Mediterranean port city of Marseille. Fin whales are among the largest whales, weighing as much as 70 tonnes and growing 20 metres (65 feet) in length. Didier Reault, who heads the park’s board, says it is very rare for them to be spotted and filmed at such close quarters in the reserve’s waters. ‘The absence of human activity means the whales are far more serene, calm and confident about rediscovering their playground that they abandon when there is maritime traffic,’ Reault said

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