Laramie County has ‘pretty wide-based community spread’ of coronavirus, health official says | Wyoming News

Laramie County has 'pretty wide-based community spread' of coronavirus, health official says | Wyoming News

Capitol Building

Crowds gather at the refurbished Wyoming Capitol in Cheyenne on July 10. The building was originally constructed between 1886 and 1890.

Laramie County, the home to Wyoming’s largest coronavirus outbreak, is experiencing widespread community transmission of the disease that can’t be attributed to one or two single clusters, a health official said Tuesday.

“I wouldn’t say that a lot of cases are attributed to any one certain spot,” said Kathy Emmons, the executive director of the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department. “We’ve got pretty wide-based community spread here. It started out nice and neatly with a tight group that we could identify that it was coming from.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 48 confirmed cases in Laramie County, which is just shy of a quarter of the total cases in Wyoming. The number of cases there has ticked up steadily over the past two weeks. On March 26, for example, there were 14 total cases in Laramie County. Now, three patients are in intensive care and are on ventilators. A fourth has also been hospitalized.

In addition to the 48 known coronavirus patients, “around 80 people are in quarantine,” Emmons said. “Some of them are most likely going to be positive, some of them may not.”

“But when you start looking at the scope of that and when you think about it as tentacles going out, it could be a large number of people,” she said. “And we can’t say there’s any one, you know, patient zero or anything like that.”

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