Finlandia University receives $47,589 grant to upgrade campus security technology

Finlandia University receives $47,589 grant to upgrade campus security technology

HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) – The university received a $47,589 grant from the Michigan State Police and Michigan’s Campus Sexual Assault Grant Program to upgrade security features around their campus.

“This year we applied for a grant that was more hardware specific, for upgrades to our lighting on campus, our security cameras, and also adding card readers to the individual wings of our rescidence halls,” said Erin Barnett, Dean of Students at Finlandia University.

With the money the university will be able to add 50 to 70 security cameras and move all of the cameras storage to a singular location.

“This will expand the coverage on campus to allow us to monitor things more clearly, and also if we do have a situation or a case we need to investigate, we can look for footage and get the information we need quickly and make sure that we keep campus safe,” added Barnett.

Finlandia plans on installing all of the new features this grant will provide during the summer.

“We had planned even before COVID-19 to do these upgrades during the summer to have the least disruption to our academics and to our students living in the residence hall. We’re still planning on that and we would like to have stuff completed by August when students start returning,” said Barnett.

The university is putting these security measures in place to help prevent sexual assaults on their campus.

“Situations happen, and being able to prevent these situations through programming, awareness, and education is the first step. The other piece is that if a situation occurs, being able to address it quickly and efficiently,” added Barnett.

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