How Technology Is Helping The Older Generation Through Self Isolation

How Technology Is Helping The Older Generation Through Self Isolation

Self-isolation can be tough for any age group as it is mentally draining, especially for those who are alone at home. Just over 40% of elderly adults live on their own and during the national lockdown (announced on the 25th of March), set to occur for at least 3 weeks, this will be a difficult time for them. A large number of people have also been told they cannot leave their home for at least 12 weeks. Although this may be daunting, advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to contact friends and family, as well as access the news reports.



I asked my grandad (83 years old and considered by the government as ‘extremely vulnerable’)  a few questions relating to the issue:



How often do you contact your family and friends?

“Now and again my daughters call me just to see what I’m getting up to and I can see how their day is going, and we message each other on the family chat and let each other know what’s going on. Every few days I will call or message my friends to see how their getting up to while self-isolating



Do you think the advancements in technology have helped you through the national lockdown?

“Yes, of course, its only the beginning and I can videocall all my daughters and grandchildren at the same, it played absolute havoc with my phone yesterday it was definitely Bobby’s fault (grandson) But it is always the highlight of my day!”

“I also think it is down to the individual, as some don’t want to learn how to use technology at all, and It is about mental capacity.”



Do you heavily rely on others now that you are unable to leave?

“ I do because I’ve been told I can’t leave, for certain things such as shopping and collecting my medication, but I am very thankful for my family especially my daughters as they help me in every way they can.”



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