Journey together with technology Nitin Chadha

Journey together with technology Nitin Chadha

Carpooling with technology is helping consumers connect their “Journey Together” beyond convenience and cost-saving writes Nitin Chadha, Co-founder & COO, sRide

With technology developing by the day, it has been instrumental in getting the world closer since the invention of wheels. However, with time transportation has grown its own perils in terms of traffic, congestion and pollution leading to peak hour traffic problems, high vehicular pollution and wastage of human time. Metro or non-metro cities, the traffic seems maddening with an ever-increasing number of individuals travelling to work each day. Clearly, the resources available are not being used to its maximum efficiency with so many empty seats moving on the road in the same direction.

That’s where technology steps in to unite us to become more sustainable in our daily lives. The concept of carpooling has been in existence for years now but with a lack of interface in terms of accessibility and convenience. People are conscious about the fact that there are others who may be moving in the same direction as them on a daily basis but are just reluctant to touch base because of the kind of time and energy that is required in the process. While people are willing to carpool, the real struggle lies in the hassle that comes with organising and connecting with the suitable co-rider.

Solving this issue and making commute hassle-free, technology plays a key role in connecting the vehicle owners and the riders in an organised manner to make the ride easier and affordable. While carpooling is a change of user behaviour, technology is an add on making this change quick, convenient and safe for the commuters. Leaving all the before-hand planning required to organise a carpool ride, technology has made carpooling convenient than ever before by making it available on-demand at your fingertips. Hence, a ride that took hours to plan, now only takes a few seconds to book. Respecting the efficiency of time and efforts, technology has made communication so convenient that one just has to track the location of the co-rider leaving behind all the hassle of phone calls and text messages.

Another interesting and impactful aspect of carpooling is its influence on building networks with the co-riders. It develops a sense of building micro-community and the essence of being together. Approximately, an individual spends up to 13% of their daily time in commuting and mostly commuting alone struggling in traffic and congestion. Carpooling with technology is helping consumers connect their “Journey Together” beyond convenience and cost-saving, adding a completely new dimension to social networking and knowledge sharing. While carpooling, users have been able to create strong social connections, build professional networks and form multiple smaller carpooling communities. The social benefits that carpooling bring outweighs all other benefits in the long run and are instrumental in creating a safer, healthier and a happier world. Adding to all of this, there is a sense of satisfaction as you are also contributing towards making the world a more sustainable place to live in by reducing the amount of carbon footprint and all of this at the lowest transportation cost.

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