Best Test to Analyze the Futuristic Capabilities of Technology


Coronavirus Outbreak: Best Test to Analyze the Futuristic Capabilities of Technology

Coronavirus as a pandemic has caused many fatalities in the world and there is no sign for its halt shortly. The virus has caused around 14,688 deaths all across the world with a total of 338,751 cases out of which 99,011 recovered. In Italy itself, according to officials, the leap has been seen from 793 to 4,825 deaths by far.

Moreover, the coronavirus has put the US and China deeper into a global power struggle. As we know both countries are striving to become the global superpowers, mostly in regards to technological supremacy. But as the situation prevails, what would happen to their tech ambitions is great question.

Probably it’s the time for their test. Amid this situation of crisis when coronavirus is at rising, the US and China can prove their technological efficiency. And why only these two, all those who were striving to participate in the technology race, are all a part of this examination. It is probably the best time to analyze if these technologies serve what they promise and if they are ready to be coined as the futuristic tech that can prevent a pandemic.

In the last three months, we have observed many companies emerging at the forefront to fight coronavirus with their innovative abilities. We have seen the deployment of myriad types of tech-powered solutions to enter the field and take care of the pandemic-victims. One of the most common technologies that can be seen everywhere in China is infrared thermometers or “thermometer guns” that help doctors keep a check on people’s temperatures. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robots, Drones, Chatbots and significant others are becoming handier in identifying coronavirus symptoms, find new treatments, and track the spread of the disease. Interestingly, robots are deployed to interact and help with the treatment of sick patients easily. AI-powered facial recognition is also used as the powerful surveillance tech installed within drones and cameras to locate people who might be sick or who aren’t wearing masks.

It seems like with the rising pandemic, the next-generation technologies are bound to spread and prove their efficiency as futuristic innovation.

The origin-country of coronavirus, China is aggressively employing its technical capabilities to fight against the situation. As a result of broad applications of technology, the country has recently reported no new and domestic cases since the outbreak of contagion. As noted by BBC, Shenzhen-based Pudu Technology, which usually makes robots for the catering industry, has reportedly installed its machines in more than 40 hospitals around the country to help medical staff. MicroMultiCopter, also in Shenzhen, is deploying drones to transport medical samples and conduct thermal imaging. Advanced AI, on the other hand, has been used to help diagnose the disease and accelerate the development of a vaccine. Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, claims its new AI-powered diagnosis system can identify coronavirus infections with 96 percent accuracy. Self-driving vehicles are even delivering supplies to medical workers in Wuhan. As CNN noted, the Chinese e-commerce company has been moving packages short distances to a hospital.

In the US as well, near Seattle, for instance, a robot helped doctors treat an American man diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. The robot, which carried a stethoscope, helped the patient communicate with medical staff while limiting their own exposure to the illness.

These advanced technologies have assisted doctors and other caregivers in combating the COVID-19 outbreak in various innovative and newer ways. Although many experts think that these technologies may not be a fully mature version of themselves to gain trust among people yet their assistance is giving us hope to dream for a crisis-free future. We can hope that if the situation repeats itself, disruptive technologies will be more ready and embellished with the newer capabilities to serve mankind.

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