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Adaptibility is our gift — use it

We all know that thought creates, so the more people who think the same thing, the greater the thought level that goes forth to create the energy to manifest that thought. Fear and anger have been the topic of several dreamers who have written in, but he most dreamt-about topic seems to be confinement.

Dear Dream Retriever: I am having nightmares about being confined. Obviously, the shutdown is causing them, but what is the underlining reason?

In my dream, I am actually in some sort of cave and I can hear voices coming from further in the cave, but I never find them in the dream. I just keep hitting dead ends every way I go. I wake up in a panic. — Caving In

Dear Caving In: Caves indicate a safe place to hide when you don’t want to face issues in the real world. So it is an indication of you hiding from someone because there is someone in the cave with you. This search to recognize this person from whom you feel the need to hide is what is being projected. Who is it?

Dear Dream Retriever: What do locked-in-a-room dreams mean? Is this due to what is happening? I couldn’t get out of the kitchen in my dream. — Can’t Get Out of the Kitchen

Dear Can’t Get Out: This dream deals with knowledge. The fact that you can’t get out of the kitchen would indicate that you can’t get out of your own head right now.

Dear Dream Retriever: I am aware that we have dreams that reflect our current circumstances. Is that why I had this dream? I am in a building and it has bars on the windows so I think it is a jail. I am desperately trying to find a way out. — Jailbird

Dear Jailbird: This represents confinement at its highest level. Relationship, job, home, lifestyle — they all can be an issue.

None of these dreams is uncommon right now, and all of them are still personal. By this, I mean if you are having those dreams, because not everyone is, then there is a confinement issue within you. Being confined in a dream is a representation of the current restrictions and/or the feeling of being trapped. The issue is that some aspect of your life is trapped, restricted or just not going forward.

Yes, this is the case everywhere but focus on where you are confined to and what limits are put on you in the dream.

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