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Old School: Becoming a technology expert - News - Redwood Falls Gazette

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but I do know how to use a cell phone. I just don’t know everything they can do.

I know that the green phone symbol on my best half’s phone is how I start a call, and when I want it to end I push the red one.

I also know how to navigate her phone, and that of others, to find the games I like to play.

My progeny recently introduced me to this fun game where I get to maneuver a “combine” through “fields” of crops. It’s not very realistic, as it uses the same head to combine everything, and I have never seen a combine that harvested watermelon or carrots.

Nonetheless, I enjoy playing it and have found myself so lost in it that hours pass.

I also am able to shut off the phone and can plug in the charger when I have played too long.

I am nowhere near the ability level of even my Martha, which made what happened to me this past Sunday afternoon (March 8) unexpected.

After church, I noticed someone I know of walking down the street with a bit of a forlorn look on their face.

Apparently, this person’s (I will not name because I am pretty sure anyone who would do what they did would be more than embarrassed) cell phone was not working, and so, seeing me, they approached indicating their plight.

Could I help them?

I already knew the answer was probably not, but I thought, with my recent experience, there might be a chance that I could be of assistance.

I took the phone from their hand, looked the black screen and scratched my head.

I had no idea what to do.

Then an idea came to mind.

In those times when technology has not worked for me, those who I looked to for advice would typically ask the same question.

Is it plugged in?

You would likely not be very surprised at how many times that was the answer for me.

I turned the phone in my hand looking for the power button on the top and sides and found nothing.

For some reason I turned it to the back and found a button I had not seen on a cell phone in my vast experience.

So, I pushed it.

I can now proudly say I am a “technology expert,” because that phone came right on, and the person was able to go on their merry way.

I didn’t bother charging them for my services.

I was just glad I was there to help.

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