Places of worship turning to technology to broadcast services

Places of worship turning to technology to broadcast services


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Mark Haywood from Abundant Life Christian Center is striving to keep members of his church safe and healthy.

“We want our congregation and our members wherever they work, wherever they live, to take preventative measures,” Haywood said.

And one of those preventative measures is avoiding large gatherings, which means canceling all in-person services until further notice.

Haywood said, “Like many churches, we have a lot of congregates who are in at-risk demographics. They’re elderly or they have preexisting conditions and we all need to do our part to protect our community.”

All of these seats in the sanctuary at Abundant Life Church will be empty for the time being, but with the help of technology, their services will continue to be live-streamed for members near and far.

“So, in addition to obviously going to an online platform for our services, we’ve hired a cleaning crew. I think we have nine personnel in here today that are cleaning every surface top to bottom,” Haywood said.

And Abundant Life isn’t the only church taking precautionary measures. Robinson Elmwood United Church will be suspending their programs and services for three weeks.

“For right now, we’re observing this three-week period so that we can try to aid in flattening this COVID-19,” said Reverand Stephanie Weaver.

While churches are preparing for their plans in the coming days, they’re also keeping the possibility in mind that postponing services may extend beyond the weekend.

Haywood said, “We really hope to meet in-person by then, but if not, we will, again, continue to do produce live services.”

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